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Operating & Maintenance
Num. Project Date Customer
21 Segok Rien Park Complex 4 elevator emergency call device repair work 2023-09 Seoul Housing and Communities
20 Bukgajwa Samho Apartment communication facility repair work 2023-04 Seoul Housing and Communities
19 2022 Songdo Convensia event support service 2023-01-02 Incheon Tourism Organization
18 2022 Sejong Special Self-Governing City Council electronic conference system maintenance service 2022-01-01 Sejong Special Self-Governing
17 2022 Songdo Convensia event support service 2022-01-01 Incheon Tourism Organization
16 2022 TV relay broadcasting system maintenance service 2022-01-01 Seoul City Hall
15 Seoul TV relay broadcasting system technical support service 2021-01-01 Seoul City Hall
14 Coex conference room operation service 2021-01-01 Coex
13 2020 Ministry of Justice correctional broadcasting system integrated maintenance service 2020-07-01 Daejeon Provincial Correctiona
12 Chungcheongnam-do Broadcast (video, acoustic) System Operation 2020-04-01 Chungcheongnam-do
11 2020 Smart Reserve Forces traning System 2020-03-02 5019Army unit
10 2020 Sejong city Parliament electronic conference system Operation Service 2020-01-02 Sejong city
9 Seoul Guro Police Station Computerized Equipment
8 Seoul Jungnang-gu Office VoIP System
7 Seoul Eunpyeong-gu Office cracking down on illegal parking CCTV
6 Seoul DongBu Hospital Security & Backup System
5 Gyeonggido Assembly Electronic Conference System
4 Ministry Of Justice Corrections Borami Broadcasting System
3 Seoul Metropolitan Council TV Relay Broadcast System
2 SongDo Convensia Center Operation & Service
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